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About MiNT and SX-70

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about us

MiNT means ‘antique in excellent condition’

MiNT is derived from the word 'Mint Condition' which is an expression used to describe pre-owned goods having excellent, almost new quality. Our brand philosophy is to do our best to restore and preserve antique cameras into their original condition.

Each vintage Polaroid camera that we sell is unique and ‘one of a kind’. Every one of them has been thoroughly inspected by our craftsmen and experts for proper cleaning and refurbishment. We provide an additional level of protection to our customers by including 1 year warranty (extendable) for all cameras. It has always been our dedication to ensure the quality of our services and products.

[chapter 2] InstantFlex TL70 - The world's first twin lens instant camera

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Our commitment

Instant Inspiration

MiNT believes instant photography can bring inspiration to people's everyday lives. We introduce refreshing elements out of the traditional Polaroid shooting experience and aim at enhancing the value of its heritage. Through continuous innovative development, diligent research, and imaginative engineering, we strive to bring instant photography towards a new era. We will keep surprising you with new products even Edwin Land would have been proud of!

Story of Polaroid SX-70

Dr. Edwin Land
Polaroid SX-70 was invented by Dr Edwin Land – an American scientist and inventor, also known as the founder of Polaroid Corporation. He named the world’s first folding instant camera SX-70, indicating that it was his 70th Special Experiment.

Inventor of SX-70- Dr. Edwin Land

Dr Land’s 3 year old daughter asked why she could not see a photo right away he had just taken of her. This inspired him to go into the laboratory and created a system of one-step photography using the principle of diffusion transfer to reproduce the image recorded by the camera’s lens directly onto a photosensitive surface – which now functions as both film and photo.

MiNT Milestone

MiNT Milestone

MiNT Store

MiNT Store

MiNT offers a great selection of Polaroid Camera & accessories, specializing in the SX-70 series! MiNT was established in 2009 and is proud to be The Impossible Project’s Hong Kong official partner store. We provide latest full range of instant films. To promote the culture of Polaroid camera, MiNT cooperated with a number of well-known Design & Fashion brands (I.T, Camper, Adlib International) introducing various types of cross-over products such as custom-made SX-70 camera, unique branded camera bag and collaborative art project. We also organize multiple Instant photography workshops and photographic exhibitions regularly.

Want to become a reseller? Please submit your application to become a partner.

Classic Polaroid™ Cameras

Polaroid SX-70
We sell a wide range of antique Polaroid cameras, specializing in the SX-70 type camera. All factory restored cameras come with one year warranty FREE. Please get more details on camera page.

Polaroid SX-70

MiNT Factory Space

Each camera we sell is painstakingly restored, and we provide one-year warranty and technical support. repair

MiNT Factory Space has two divisions : Polaroid Warranty Center and Retail Store which provides a series of SX-70 cameras accessories and Impossible Project film, We stock enough quantity to satisfy your needs. Also, exhibitions are held in the MiNT Factory Space periodically, The Factory Space is large and roomy to make you comfortable while shopping. At the same time, if you have any questions on your Polaroid camera such as repairing, cleaning and handling, you can come to MiNT Factory Space and directly talk with our camera specialists for professional advice. Polaroid Warranty Center offers a series of service to your SX-70 cameras and pack film cameras. We also provide our very own 'LED Upgrade' for the packfilm battery conversion. Contact us for more details. If you are located overseas, we welcome you to ship your camera to MiNT Factory Space. Please feel free to leave a message for getting additional information.

Our Happy Customers

our customers

Professional Repair Team

We help people (like you) restore your Polaroid SX-70 Camera! repair team

MiNT Polaroid Warranty Center

MiNT Polaroid warranty center, provides a variety of refurbishment, cleaning and camera maintenance service. We bring Polaroid instant photography experience to a whole new level by providing exceptional customer support and after sales service. Our well trained technicians have more than a decade of experience, providing a full range of technical support. We also introduced MiNT Care the Polaroid camera maintenance program which has been highly praised by great majority of Polaroid user and lovers. During the warranty period, the camera will be checked and restored to proper operating condition at no charge to you.

The warranty center also accepts second hand Polaroid cameras trade in, and support camera exchange service within 30 days, please contact our staff for details.

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Team MiNT

Founder Account & Management
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Marketing & Sales
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Design & Branding
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Research & Development
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Warranty & Repair
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We are always interested in innovative and creative talents with passion to create great works. We have been actively growing our team and we need someone who strives to make a difference.

If you are passionate in the world of instant photography and welcome challenges for your bright career. Please join us and send your resume to

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