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SLR670m with Time Machine More than just manual shutter speeds SLR670m select slr670m time machine Adding a touch of magic to the SX-70

Our philosophy for developing the SLR670 series was to create a better camera for the modern-day photographer, while staying true to the original SX-70. How can we deliver a better shooting experience to our customers while using a camera with 40 years of history? Our answer is an external gadget that fits seamlessly to the camera.

Total control over your camera - 16 manual magic settings Shoot in all light conditions

Time Machine gives you power over your cameras. When using the ordinary SX-70, the photographer is often controlled by the camera. With Time Machine, you control your camera. lt also gives you many more options to shoot when and where you want.

Shoot in all light conditions

Time Machine lets you take photos with ISO100 or ISO600 film, without ND filters.

Compatible with :

buy now B mode B mode sample shot B mode sample shot line press to open press to open

For long exposures, use B mode. Keep pressing the shutter button and it will keep exposing. Perfect for light painting. And yes, every SLR670 has a tripod hole at the bottom.

T mode sample_shot

This is for extra long exposures where you can press the button once to open the shutter and once to close the shutter. Someone crazy tried using this mode to take pictures of stars at night.




infinity ∞

1/2000 1/2000 sample shot

We never stop getting complaints about the slow shutter speed of SX-70. Slow shutter gives you blurry pictures. We introduced Mint Flash Bar in 2012 that solved the blurry picture problem. Now we are pushing ourselves further by actually giving you a high speed shutter. Countless possibilities lie ahead for you with a shutter speed this fast.

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1/2000, 1/1000, 1/500, 1/250, 1/125, 1/60, 1/30, 1/15, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1s, B, T, Auto, OFF

extra function Auto line Off

Sometimes you don't want to use manual shutter speeds and prefer the camera to choose the right speed for you. Time Machine makes it easy by giving you the Auto mode.

In Auto mode, the processor makes the calculation for you using an intelligent algorithm to give you the most accurately exposed picture based on the ambient light. Auto mode will come in very handy when you are feeling lazy. You can shortcut to Auto mode by simply unplugging the Time Machine.

"Wow, an instant camera! Can you let me try it please?"

This used to be an SX-70 owner's worst nightmare. A few minutes later, all the film is gone. Be prepared to become the center of attention with your new Time Machine. Don't worry, we are protecting you this time. In case your friends come scrambling over your camera with film still inside, you can lock the camera with the OFF mode. In OFF mode, the camera will not take a picture even if the shutter button is pressed.

Beautiful accessory for your gorgeous camera

We believe style is as important as function. Time Machine fits so seamlessly into your camera you will wonder why Dr Edwin Land didn't invent it himself. The fact is we used a lot of computer aided methods, and more than 30 prototype designs, to make this gadget work flawlessly and also look beautiful. Notice that the SX-70 looks lacking without the Time Machine. This is the highest standard of design for a gadget.

Compact. Light.

The time machine has been specially designed to fit SX-70 camera - weighing only 25g, the Time Machine fits perfectly on the camera with its sleek appearance. The gadget served to coalesce both scrupulous design into one connected whole.

No batteries required

Like a lot of other manual devices, no batteries are required. Never worry about running out of manual magic.

spotlight compare 25g time machine
buy now New motherboard for improved reliability

The SX-70 motherboard design is more than 40 years old. We re-designed it to make it more reliable and to provide a port of communication for the Time Machine. You won't be experiencing electronic flaws due to old age anymore. Although we do everything we can to prevent these flaws in our factory restored SX-70s, anything can go wrong with old electronic parts. This is different. This is totally new.

New electric eye to prevent inaccurate exposures

The electric eye is inarguably the most delicate part of the SX-70, causing a lot of inaccurate exposures. This won't happen anymore, because we are replacing the electronic eye with a new one on every camera compatible with Time Machine. We are in love with it.

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