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After-sales Service Support
MiNT is committed to providing effective and quality after-sales service – beginning with the sale and technical support and continuing throughout your instant photography life. All returns, warranties and repairs service are globally available to both retail and online customers like you. Check out the service flow to see how it can help you.

General After-sales Service Flow

General After-sales Service Flow films settings light Returns Returns Returns Warranties Warranties Warranties Repairs Repairs Repairs

Contact us

For after-sales service, please ship to:

Attn: Eddie Yeung
MiNT Factory Space
Workshop K, 11/F, High Win Factory Building, 47 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


(852)2720-0222 / 3998-3024

2/F 26A Russell Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Email subject title: “Return - l got questions with my (item)”

If your item contains manufacturer defects, please contact us for assistance. You can return the product to MiNT Factory Space (see the address on the right). We will send you a replacement immediately once you show the receipt by email. Please contact us and state the product's defect before returning your order. We are not responsible for damages caused by incorrect use, handling, or abuse of the item.

All expired film is sold as seen and under exclusion of each guarantee, unless stated in the product description.


Email subject title: “Warranty - I need a body check for my (item) ”

MiNT provides an additional level of protection to you by including 1 or 3 year warranty (extendable) on all cameras. During the warranty period, you should send your camera to MiNT Factory Space, and it will be checked and restored to proper operating conditions at no additional repair or parts fee. If you come across any problems, please contact us.


Email subject title: “Repair - I need a treatment for my (item)”

MiNT offers refurbishment, cleaning and maintenance service to Polaroid SX-70 and Automatic Land Camera. If you wish to have a checking service for your camera, you can bring it to our retail store or ship it to MiNT Factory Space from your country. Remember to write down your contact information and problem of your camera in the parcel. Our repair specialist will quote you the exact repairing fee within 1 week and you will be informed before we start unscrewing your camera. Fixed cameras will have one month warranty on the repaired parts.

Please notify us by email before you ship the camera from a long way to Hong Kong.

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