MiNT | Polaroid SX-70 and Impossible film

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SLR670 revolutionary instant camera select slr670

The innovative SLR670α merges the best functions and features
of Polaroid SX-70 and SLR680 into a sleek, stylish body.
Be the first to enter a bold new age in instant photography.

ISO600 for better control

The variable shutter speed and fixed aperture are perfectly tuned
to work with ISO 600 film. The high ISO performance coupled
with an advanced shutter and brightness control gives you
incomparable results under any lighting condition.


High ISO Sensitivity


Indoor Shooting


Faster Shutter


Brilliant Colors


Less Camera Shake


Better Results

compatible with all films

You can choose between ISO600 and ISO100. If you
want to use ISO100 film, simply adjust the brightness
control or Time Machine. No need to add ND filter or
other accessories.

SLR670m-film-pack SLR670 image gallery
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Up to

Faster shutter speed, better performance.



faster shutter speed

SLR670α shutter is 6x faster than the SX-70 camera. You can take superior pictures using high sensitivity film.


1 / 125


1 / 2

Up to



less blurry pictures

Shoot under any lighting condition.

Compose your masterpiece with SLR670α. Don't worry about camera shake. It's easy for you to take photos with friends on any occasion with this highly sensitive camera.

best mirrors for the best pictures

SLR670α houses the best mirrors from SLR cameras to capture
scenes in stunning detail. The split circle in the viewfinder also
allows you to precision focus like the original SX-70.

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buy now black legend stylish camera

Like all well-made products, SLR670α is designed for function as well as style.
Not only does it look great in its sleek new black and chrome frame, SLR670α
shows its pedigree down to the last meticulous detail. Available in black and classic brown.

3 year free warranty for SLR670

We stand behind the quality of our products,
and we want to ensure that every moment
you capture with your SLR670α instant camera
is special. That's why every SLR670α comes
with a free 3-year warranty.

SLR670 mint certified
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